Food Pouch

There are different forms of packaging being used world-wide. One of the revolutionary packaging material that made it possible to pack and supply even food items or items having short shelf life is plastic packaging.

Our food grade plastic pouches are designed to keep food fresher, food safe, BPA Free and achieve a longer shelf life.

Food Pack Grade are laminated with layers of films to protect the exposure of product. This protection keeps food out of the atmospheric exposure and also sunlight for a longer shelf life.

The two films most frequently used in food packaging are biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and biaxially oriented polyester (BOPET). These bags are a great choice for preserving freshness in your products while providing exceptional clarity for the best presentation. When used for perishable products, they can greatly extend the shelf life due to their excellent vapor and moisture barrier properties. We offer several different styles and other specialty polypropylene bags.

Bag Styles Available:

Style of bags

Flat Poly Three Side Sealed Bag

Back Sealed Bag

Side Gusset Bag

Stand Up Bag

Stand Up Bag with Spout

Stand UpĀ  with Zip Lock Bag

Film On Roll


Sizes and Types of Bags Available

Stand Up Frosted Food Pouches

Size : 9cm x 14cm +3.5cm

Size : 12cm x 20cm + 4cm

Size : 15cm x 22cm + 4cm


3 Sides Food Pouch

Size : 9cm x 9.5cm

Size : 13cm x 13.5cm


Silver Foil Stand Up Food Pouches

Size : 9cm x 15cm + 3cm

Size : 12cm x 18cm + 3.5cm

Size : 15cm x 22cm + 4cm



It is an excellent choice if you are looking for crystal clear polypropylene bags to merchandise your candies, confectioneries, nuts, sugar, biscuits, cakes, bread, seeds, medical herbs, beverages, food, pharmacy products.

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Other Materials : polyester, nylon, aluminum foil with printing.