Colored Mailing Bags

The huge increase in online shopping has created a demand for durable and reliable mailing solutions. Coloured Polythene Mailing Bags @ Plastics Supermart offer the ability to match your brand and products to your mailings. 100% recyclable and made from lightweight, but super-strong polythene. Create an impact when your customers receive their goods. Available in 6 vibrant colours and a wide range of size, contact our team today to find out more!

Why Polythene Mailing Bags and not Traditional Paper Envelopes?

  • Lightweight – Polythene is considerably lighter compared to paper or cardboard and because of this it doesn’t require the same amount of shipping resources. Saving you on valuable postage costs.
  • Durable – Polythene is extremely strong stuff, meaning it will stretch rather than breaking. You can be assured that your goods are securely protected in storage and transit.
  • Waterproof – Unlike paper and cardboard, poly mailing bags are waterproof. So even if the weather is pouring down with rain you don’t have to worry about your customer receiving a soggy package.


Our Colors Available in Ready Stocks :

Gold Polymailer / Mailing Bags

Pink Polymailer / Mailing Bags

Lime Green Polymailer / Mailing Bags

Purple Polymailer / Mailing Bags

Blue Polymailer / Mailing Bags

Orange Polymailer / Mailing Bags


Sizes Available for All Above Colors :

Size C1 : 16cm x 22cm + 4cm  (A5 Size)

Size C2 : 18cm x 22cm + 4cm

Size C3 : 22cm x 30cm + 4cm  (A4 Size)

Size C4 : 26cm x 36cm + 4cm

Size C5 : 32cm x 42cm + 4cm  (A3 Size)


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Next Day Delivery Available.