Bubble Padded Envelope

When to use Bubble Wrap Envelopes?

Saves labor packing cost and bubblewrap Mailing Bags

Save Time

Protect  your Products

Our ready stocks of Metallic Matte Air Bubble Padded Mailing bags are available now :

Comes in Two Colors : Matte Blue and Matt Silver

Metallic Bubble Blue Main 1Bubble Silver 4 pcs






Size : 20cm x 25cm + 5cm (Outer Size)

(Inner Size : 18cm x 25cm = A5 Size)

Price = $ 90/100pcs


Size : 25cm x 32.4cm + 5cm (Outer Size)

(Inner Size : 23cm x 32.4cm = A4  Size)

Price = $ 110/100pcs



Metallic Poly Bubble wrap padded mailer envelopes provides secure delivery of items in dedicated nature.

With the increasing worldwide delivery online mailing business, it has become a crucial bag in terms of saving packing time as well as protection of the product when making delivery.

Bubble mailing bags are extremely useful when shipping valuable fragile packages. These  Bubble Padded Envelopes  are made from a durable multi-layer blend of polyethylene film.The layer is moisture resistant and suitable for all environments. Each Bubble pad material cushion on the mailing bag gives  extra protection.

Most Common bubble mailer includes a  Peel & Seal strip, a self-seal closure that is reliable and can let the recipient know if the package has been tampered with. With a high-slip inner surface and an easy-open tear strip, bubble mailers are very efficient and easy to work with. Its lightweight bubble cushioning reduces shipping costs and portray a better image of your product as well as your service. Bubble poly mailers  are getting increasing popular than kraft paper bubble  mailers due to the cheaper cost and durability and waterproof. With the increasing demand with aluminum foil lamination are also available and provide thermal, puncture, and water resistance. The aluminum foil reflects up to 97% of radiant energy and its material resists fungus, insects, and nesting rodents. Usually carrying small gifts, craftworks, and CDs, these bubble mailers prove to be very convenient. Depending on the items, various sizes are available. Popular courier services such as EMS, FedEx, DHL, TNT and UPS frequently use bubble mailers. Even online stores ship their products in bubble mailers to ensure safe delivery of their product.